The Most Beautiful Wives And Exes Of The World’s Richest Men

People love to follow the lives of individuals who are rich and powerful. This has been a way of life since the ancient times. The most powerful and wealthy people from centuries ago are still remembered. Some people see these individuals as inspiration to succeed in life, and others just want the scoop on how these rich individuals live. With money comes women, and these rich, successful men have picked the hottest women they could find when it came time to find a partner. Let’s see who these lucky ladies are who are married to these wealthy men.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Now considered the greatest of all time or the goat, Tom Brady has achieved legendary status. His latest Super Bowl victory in 2017 was one for the ages as he led a huge comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. It was in question where he stood on the list of all-time greats but the debate is over now, he is the greatest.



He is married to the beautiful Gisele Bundchen who is an amazing supermodel. He has a net worth of $180 million and hers is at $360 million. It isn’t a problem if your wife makes more than you if you are the greatest of all time and if you too are a millionaire.

John Paul Dejoria and Eloise Broady

John Paul Dejoria is a Greek-Italian-American billionaire who consequently started off life as a poor immigrant and in Los Angeles, California. He was once part of a street gang, but he turned his life around when a math teacher told him that he “would never succeed at anything in life.” Dejoria is a businessman and philanthropist, and the co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products.

John Paul Dejoria and Eloise Broady

The Patron Spirits company is also in his ownership. The billionaire is married to Eloise Broady, who is a former Playmate who appeared in Playboy in April 1988. They have four children together.

Mariah Carey and James Packer

You knew it was coming eventually, even though the two have decided to go their separate ways. Successful and famous diva Mariah Carey caught the eye of billionaire James Packer, but it didn’t last long until Packer realized that Mariah was going to rob him blind.

Mariah Carey and James Packer

With lavish trips for her dogs, a ridiculously over-priced glam squad, his and hers yachts and insanely expensive spa sessions, Carey was going to be the personal anchor to James’s yacht if you know what we mean. But, who could blame him, Mariah Carey used to be every man’s dream. Her dreams have just gotten a bit too large for even billionaires to handle. To make matters even worse, Mariah won’t even give Packer the $10 million ring back! But, Packer’s estimated $3.4 billion can most likely manage without the rock.

Flavia Sampaio and Eike Batista

Eike Batista is the chairman of the EBX Group. This company is in the industry of mining, oil, and gas. Batista has gained a lot of cash from this company, so much cash that he is the richest man in all of Brazil.

Flavia Sampaio and Eike Batista

Since Batista is loaded with money, he has chosen one of the hottest women as his partner. Batista’s lover is the super hot Flavia Sampaio. Flavia Sampaio is a lawyer, but she looks more like a model or a movie star. She heads an organization called the Institute Consciousness, which was started in order to help children.

Jack Dorsey and Kate Greer

Jack Dorsey is an internet entrepreneur and co-founder of the widely successful social media platform, Twitter. Dorsey started out programming at the age of 14 and became an innovator before the age of 35 with his invention of Twitter. He is also a board member of The Walt Disney Company and Square, Inc. Dorsey holds a net worth of $1.27 billion.

Jack Dorsey and Kate Greer


The billionaire’s lover is a lady by the name of Kate Greer. Kate Greer is a designer. She has been spotted with Dorsey at many events and she is also trying to grow her designing business as well.

James Packer and Erica Packer



James Packer has a loving relationship with his wife Erica Packer. Erica Packer is a model and also a singer. Their wedding was in 2007 and had a price tag of $15 million. They also have two children together.

Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze

James “Jim” Clark is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. If you were around during the dot com boom, you may remember something called Netscape. Jim Clark is the man behind the creation of Netscape. The company was at one time a popular search engine but now functions as a web browser.

Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze


Those wonderful geeks have a way with women it seems, and Jim Clark found him a main squeeze in Kristy Hinze. Kristy Hinze is a model and an actress who has appeared in Sports Illustrated and also Victoria’s Secret. Jim is 36 years Kristy’s senior but love has no boundaries.

Andrey Melnichenko and Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko

Andrey Melnichenko is a Russian industrialist of Belarusian descent. He is ranked as the 11th richest person in Russia with a net worth of $12.4 billion. Andrey Melnichenko is the co-founder of the MDM group along with his partner Sergei Popov.

Andrey Melnichenko and Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko

Melnichenko is married to Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko. Aleksandra Melnichenko is a pop singer in Russia as well as a model. She has been modeling since the age of 15 and has been singing with a pop group since the age of 17. She married Andrey Melnichenko in 2005 and had stars such as Whitney Houston and Jennifer Lopez in attendance. Jennifer Lopez was paid $2 million to perform at the wedding.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

Harvey Weinstein, with a net worth of $150 million, is a familiar name in Hollywood. He is a highly acclaimed film producer and co-founder of the entertainment company Miramax Films. He is responsible for such hits as Pulp FictionThe Crying Game, and Clerks. He was also the chairman of the Weinstein Co. until October of 2017.


That’s when 60 accusations of sexual assault against Weinstein hit mainstream media, coming from top actresses including Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Judd, and Angelina Jolie. When the first few accusations came to light, Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman said she would stand by his side. But when that number quickly skyrocketed, she changed her mind and announced that she is leaving her husband. Chapman is 24 years Weinstein’s junior and is an actress and former model.

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

Elon Musk is an inventor and investor, and the CEO of Space X and Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors was the first maker of the electric car. Elon Musk has had a hand in other vehicles such as VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft and a Hyperloop transportation system.

 Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

Musk was married to Talulah Riley (note: past tense). Riley is an actress who has played in films such as The Boat That Rocked and Pride and Prejudice. Talulah Riley and Elon Musk lived together for a while before getting married. Two years after their marital bliss, they got their first divorce. After trying to rekindle the feining flame, they attempted marriage once again but as of 2016, the two called it quits for good.

Tom Freston and Kathy Freston

Tom Freston is an entertainment executive. He has had a hand in the creation of a few cable channels, namely Music Television, better known as MTV. He has also spawned such channels as Nickelodeon, VH1, Country Music Channel, and TV Land among several other more channels. Freston is also the head of Viacom television.


With $300 million to his name, Tom Freston was married to Kathy Freston, a former model and self-help author by trade. The two split a few years back in 2012 and Kathy recently was exposed in a lesbian fling, although they maintain a great friendship together. Still, the pattern of rich guys and their penchant for models and other shapely women is clear whether the marriages work out or not.

Phil Ruffin and Oleksandra Nikolayenko

Phil Ruffin is a businessman and billionaire who has made his fortune in horse racing and investing in casinos. He has also dabbled convenience stores and real estate. His diverse business ventures have made him a billionaire, with a net worth of $2.5 billion.


Speaking of horse racing and casinos, Phil Ruffin hit the jackpot when he found his second wife Oleksandra Nikolayenko. Oleksandra Nikolayenko is an actress and model who is Hungarian but hails from Ukraine. Nikolayenko has won numerous pageant awards in the Ukraine and has even set a record for having the most wins in pageants in the country. Nikolayenko was the 2004 winner of the Miss Ukraine pageant. She married Phil Ruffin in 2008 and they have a son named Richard William who was born in April 2010.

30+ Hilarious and Kick Ass Butt Tattoos Designs

Man, these prams!

Okay, we always say this sentence: “We judge & judge no one, no matter where & what for a tattooist” and we do not change our position on this motto anymore, but …
We have our hatred for the dedication and pain tolerance that these women show by having their most sensitive and sensitive points in their bodies inked.

OK let’s go!

# 1 Octo-Tattoo!

# 2 eye-popping!


# 3 Keep still …

… andspreading.
# 3 Let’s get caught in the net!

Passesie the spider!
# 4 The butterfly …

… fits the artist’s gloves!
Everyone is a star!


Not sure what that’s supposed to be!

I am sure that it had a good foundation!
Okay, okay!


We do not know about it, but it’s close!
Someone must estun!

29 of the Most Incredible Photos of Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers



I like to think they’re all whispering to each other, “Are we best friends? I think we’re best friends now!”




Mama cheetah


Speaking of mama cheetah, here she is being all like, “What’s that you got there? What does it do? Can you show me?”

The next one is too cute.


Photography lesson

This might be my favorite on the whole list. That seal is cheesing for the camera! That’s an indomitable pair right there.


Prairie peak


What is this mysterious hairless creature and his little black hairless creature doing in the forest during a snowstorm?


Bearly there

How do you feel now, Goldilocks? (That’s what bears call anyone who invades their personal space.)

The next one is the selfie of the century’


Model behavior

Found you

“Oh, are you trying to take a photo? Sorry, let me just bite your head a little bit more! It’s so fun!”


Blue beauty

Look, this is the risk you take when you photograph majestic birds of prey without their permission.

The next one might make you jealous

Squirrel friend

“Psst. You want to get mom from the left angle. That’s her good side. But Billy has to be photographed from straight on. Otherwise, he looks insane.”


Butt sniffer

We interrupt this wildlife photography session to bring you a bunch of little kissies from the cutest baby animal.



It doesn’t get much closer than this, folks.

The next one is hilarious.


Uh uh



Look, she said she didn’t want her picture taken. I don’t blame her for what happened next.

Top 15 Richest Kids In The World 2018

When most kids spent their time developing and honing their skills hoping that it will allow them to get a job in future, there are a lucky few who are either born wealthy or become rich before they’re even of legal drinking age. Here’s a list of 10 wealthiest kids in the world.

These are World’s Top 10 Wealthiest Kids:

10. Jaylen Bledsoe

Net worth: $3.5 Million

Jaylen Bledsoe Wealthiest Kids
At the age of 12, Jaylen Bledsoe of Hazelwood founded an information technology consulting company called Bledsoe Technologies. He was a high school student when he started working on this tech startup that has now grown into a global enterprise. In 2013, the enterprise was working with 150 contract employees who provided clients with graphics, website designs and other technological services. Back then in an interview Bledsoe said he was planning to expand his business into building hotels and developing apps that’d allow people to open rooms using their phones. Bledsoe said his success mantra was his willingness to take risks.

9. Rico Rodriguez

Net worth: $4 Million

Rico Rodriguez Wealthiest Kids
At number 9 position of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world is Rico Rodriguez who started acting when he was quiet young. He got his biggest acting gig in the year 2009. Best known for playing Manny Delgado in ABC smashing hit show Modern Family, Rodriguez has since worked on a broad range of projects. In 2012 he wrote a book titled “Reel Life Lessons… So Far.” He has worked in seven films and a number of other popular television series including My Name Is Earl, NCIS, Sesame Street etc. Recipient of a number of Teen Choice Awards and Young Artist Award, Rodriguez has earned $4 million as an actor and most of it has come from the Modern Family.

8. Elle Fanning

Net worth: $5 Million

Elle Fanning Wealthiest Kids
Mary Elle Fanning is an American actress. She made her debut in 2001 playing the younger version of her sister Dakota Fanning in the miniseries Taken. Following this Fanning worked in a number of famous films like My Neighbor Totoro, Babel etc. It was in 2006, when she began having offers of lead roles. Today she is best known for starring in films like Phoebe in Wonderland, Somewhere, We Bought a Zoo and Maleficent. However her breakthrough role came in the film Super 8. Made on budgets of $50 million, they grossed over $260 million upon it release. Fanning’s acting skill were lauded by both critics and audiences.

7. Jaden Smith

Net worth: $8 Million

Jaden Smith Wealthiest Kids
At number 7 position of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. He is the son of the popular American actor Will Smith. Like his father Jaden too is an actor. He made his debut in the 2006 blockbuster film The Pursuit of Happiness alongside his father. In 2010, he starred with Jackie Chan in the remake of the 1984 film, The Karate Kid (2010). He has also appeared in the remake of the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008). In 2013, Jaden and Will Smith worked together again in the science fiction action adventure film called After Earth. The film, unlike The Pursuit of Happiness was severely criticized and bombed at the box-office.

6. Abigail Breslin

Net worth: $12 Million

Abigail Breslin Wealthiest Kids

Abigail Kathleen Breslin is an American actress and a singer. She began her career when she landed a gig for a commercial when she was 3-years-old. Two years later, Breslin debuted in her first film, Signs (2002) directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film was a box office success. Her breakthrough performance came in the year 2006 when she starred in a comedy-drama called Little Miss Sunshine. The film was a critical and commercial success and Breslin received rave reviews for her excellent performance. She received many nominations including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Screen Actors Guild Award. Breslin has starred in other films like No Reservations(2007), My Sister’s Keeper (2009) , Zombieland (2009), August: Osage County (2013),  Ender’s Game (2013) etc.

5. Valentina Paloma Pinault

Net worth: $12 Million

Valentina Paloma Pinault
At number 5 position of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world is Valentina Paloma Pinault. She is the 8-yeras-old daughter of Mexican and American film actress, producer and director, Salma Hayek and the French billionaire, François-Henri Pinault. Salma Hayek is best known for playing the 2002 film Frida after the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. After Pinault was born the couple had broken up but later reconciled and got married. Salma Hayek’s net worth is $85 million whereas Francois-Henri Pinault’s net worth is $5 billion. Although Valentina’s net worth is $12 now, she will inherit millions more from her super rich parents once she becomes old enough.

4. Nick D’aloisio

Net worth: $30 Million

Wealthiest Kids
Nick D’aloisio is a 19-years-old computer programmer from United Kingdom. He became an internet entrepreneur when he was just 15 years of age. A technological genius, D’aloisio is best known for inventing Summly, an application for iOS which he later sold to Yahoo for $30 million. He received many accolades including Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year”, TIME Magazine’s one of the world’s most influential teenagers etc. In 2014 he won the Apple Design Award at WWDC. Currently, pursuing Computer Science and Philosophy from Hertford College, Oxford University, D’aloisio is one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.

3. Dannielynn Birkhead

Net worth: $59 Million

Dannielynn Birkhead Wealthiest Kids
At number 3 position of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world is Dannielynn Birkhead. Born in 2006 Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead.  Anna Nicole Smith was an American Playboy model actress, and television personality.  She died in 2007 from an overdose of prescription drugs. After her mother’s demise, Dannielynn became the heiress to Smith’s estate. Since her birth Dannielynn has been a tabloid sensation and late became the focus of the Dannielynn Birkhead paternity case. The case centering around who was Dannielynn’s biological father received tremendous media coverage. In 2013 Dannielynn became the face of Guess Girl’s Spring line.

2. Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt

Net worth: $67.5 Million

Wealthiest Kids
Who hasn’t heard of Brangelina right? Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt are twins of Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When they were born in 2008, in a seaside hospital in Nice, France, there were media people circling the place like a vulture tryimg to catch one glimpse of the children. The first picture of Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt was reported sold for $14 million which became the most expensive celebrity photographs ever taken. Since Knox & Vivienne are children of one of the highest paid celebrities in the world, it’s no surprise they ended up in the number 2 passion of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world today.

1. Prince George Alexander Louis

Prince George Wealthiest Kids


Officially called Prince George of Cambridge, he is the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. A flurry of things happened before and after Prince George was born. The British national economy was expected to experience a positive jump, a lullaby entitled “Sleep on” was composed in his name, commemorative coins were issued etc. The point is when the baby’s so popular, wealth will naturally grow. Besides the royal British family is undoubtedly one of the richest families ever. Currently Prince George Alexander Louis is two years old and a billionaire.

Here’s What The Best Position Is According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Intercourse is awesome. We all know it. But there is always some way to make it better. Isn’t it? Haven’t you noticed that sometimes, it just doesn’t click between you and your partner? Well, lucky for you, we are here to tell you that it could be because of your zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign is related to some sort of personality which in turn is actually related to a particular intercourse position. So why don’t you find out which position favors your zodiac sign!

Aries – Reverse Cowgirl

a well known fact, Aries are mostly independent, courageous and natural born leaders. Therefore, Aries partners are generally domineering and aggressive, pretty much always in control in bed. These individuals have a slight ego, therefore they enjoy all positions that allow them the dominant position, but the reverse cowgirl is their favorite. The position allows them to show off their passion.

Taurus – Missionary

Taurians are generally emotionally sensitive and need some time to initiate any physical relationship with their partner. They are highly sensual, but prefer traditional methods of seduction – chocolate, wine, candles and aphrodisiacs. Because of this sensitivity, they prefer a lot of skin contact, eye contact and deeper penetration, which the missionary allows.


Gemini – Scissors

If there ever is a flirtatious zodiac sign, it is the Gemini. Geminis don’t generally settle for a single long term partner. They have this hunger to try new stuff in bed. A lot of people might think of Geminis as weird because they are creative in bed and are open to new stuff. It’s because of this energy that they keep trying new positions, but the scissors is a favorite go to!


Cancer – Sitting Up Cowgirl

Cancerians know how to do relationships right and seek emotionally stable partners. While they are not as good at expressing their emotions, they value intimacy and are natural givers in a relationship. They love to take care of their partner’s needs. Sitting up cowgirl allows the Cancerians to establish the much desired intimacy and closeness with their partners and set the course to planet “Pleasure”.


Leo – The Leglock

Leo is considered the king of zodiacs, and no wonder the people with this zodiac expect to be treated as royalty. They love drama, both in and out of the bedroom. While they themselves love control, they also prefer their partners to be domineering too. Leos take pride in their appearance and love a clear view of their partners. So using mirrors on the wall could help too. But it’s the drama of the leglock that makes it their favorite!


Virgo – Stand And Deliver

Virgos appear to be less interested in intercourse initially, no wonder it’s called Virgo the virgin. However, this should not be taken for granted. Once their &exuality as awakened, they unleash their true kinky side. They are down to trying all kinds of intercourse positions, all the ask for is a trusting relation to be built first. The stand and deliver position is ideal for Virgo as is as invented for people willing to go for anything and anywhere.


Libra – 69

Libras love balance, no wonder they have a set of scales as their zodiac sign. They give back just as much as they receive. They will provide you with the steamiest session of intercourse, but they require the same intensity of passion back so that they can keep the relationship working. In case you’re still wondering what’s the ideal position for Libras, it’s the famous 69. What better way to get as much as you give?


Scorpio – Edge Of Heaven


Scorpions are often considered to be secretive and mysterious and are known to have a tendency to be loners. However, they are incredibly passionate and loving. They are possessive and obsessive and love control in bed. Scorpios love intimacy and have a special thing for eye contact. Edge of heaven is a perfect position for passionate Scorpios and their lovers.


Sagittarius – The Cross

Sagittarius are considered to wild animals in bed, just like their zodiac sign. They are not the ones that play by book, they would rather explore and be adventurous. Sagittariuses love to try new positions and even go on to try toys and role plays. Since they are known for their stamina, Sagittariuses thrive in long lasting positions. The cross is ideal for the adventurous arrow shooters.


Capricorn – Carnal Crisscross

Among all the zodiac signs, Capricorns require the most time to establish intimacy. Although it may take time to get comfortable in bed, it’s worth the wait. In bed, Capricorns are extremely lustful and passionate. They believe in slow love making, ensuring a thorough experience, with a lot of &exual tension. Carnal Crisscross is a position that allows maximum &sexual experience both for Capricorns and their partners.


Aquarius – Standing Doggy Style

Just like all of the rest of walks of life, Aquarians are different in the intercourse choices as well. Their fetishes can be very daring and unconventional but at the same time they are sensitive and imaginative lovers. As they are very adventurous, they are more likely to invent rather than discover. As Aquarians love having a rear preview of their partner, all such positions will do wonder for them, particularly the standing doggy style.